1. Photos and video recordings are not allowed inside the workshop venue during the whole workshop period, which includes during the kriyas, breaks and during warm-ups. ‘Selfies’, photos of facilitators and photos of participants in lines are not allowed. You can only take photos outside of the workshop venue.

2. Cell phones must be turned off during the whole workshop period. Vibrating phones will also disturb other’s meditation. If you are expecting an emergency call, you can check your phone during the breaks.

3. This is a scent-free environment. Please be courteous to your neighbors and don’t wear or bring perfumes, essential oils, or sprays as other participants may be allergic.

4. Anaesthetic or alcoholic substances of any kind are prohibited.

5. The aisles in between the lines need to stay clear for the monitors, so don’t bring an excess amount of personal stuff. A bag will be provided upon check in to keep your personal items.

Please feel free to ask the staff at the venue whenever you have doubt.