Sat Nam💗

Activity time:
(For estimated time, actual start and end depends on live situation)

6: 30 ~ 8: 00:Registration and admission
8:00 Warm up 
8:45 Gates closed and Admission is suspended
9:00 White Tantric Yoga begins

Remind you! 
Latecomers will not be able to enter after the gate is closed. Please enter at the first break.
The rest time cannot be predicted in advance.



Sat Nam💗

Mantra sheet download


Sat Nam✨

Thank you for registering White Tantric Yoga®! White Tantric Yoga® on 11/30 is coming soon! Here are some reminders below:

1. 請準備好本人電子票券憑證​QR code(手機顯示或列印紙本皆可)至報到櫃台核驗;人工報名者請帶有序號的報到通知信。
Please have your personal E-ticket QR code ready for check-in, either digital or printed ticket

2. 白譚崔瑜珈®活動會場請由林森南路,成功高中側門綜合大樓處進入。(請不要從濟南路大門口進入)
Please enter the White Tantric Yoga® workshop venue from the side door of Taipei Chenggong High School on “Linsen South Road”, the Complex building.
(Please don’t enter from the formal entrance on Jinan Road.)

3. 請先至7樓完成報到程序方可入場。
Please check in first on the seventh floor of the Complex building before you enter the White Tantric Yoga® workshop.

4. 為了完成師資要求而參加白譚崔瑜珈®的同學,請自行攜帶須簽名的那張表格到現場,由在場參加的主培訓師、培訓師、副培訓師(不一定要是自己團隊的)或主辦方簽名
Attendees who participate to fulfill teacher training qualification please bring the needed form. It may be signed by lead trainer, trainer, associate trainer (from either your/other teams), or the organizer.

5. 白譚崔瑜珈®活動現場​嚴格禁止照相或錄影​,敬請參加者保持覺知
Please note and be mindful that photography and videography or use of any kind of recording device is prohibited at White Tantric Yoga®

6. 穿著及攜帶物品:
◎​ 衣、褲、頭巾都必須是白色​,寬鬆舒適為主,天然材質為佳。
◎​ 完整覆蓋頭部​的白色棉質頭巾。
◎ 必備個人​瑜伽墊或羊毛毯​。
◎ 輕便毛毯(可於大休息時覆蓋身體)。
◎ 個人水瓶或水杯。
What to bring & wear:
◎Wear white clothes,white pants,white turban. Clothes with loose, comfortable, preferably in natural fibers
◎ Wear a white cotton head covering that completely covers the head
◎ Bring a yoga mat or sheepskin and pillow to sit on, and a light blanket or shawl to cover yourself during the relaxation periods
◎ Please bring your yoga mat or sheepskin
◎ Light blanket or shawl to cover yourself during savasana/relaxation
◎ Personal water bottle or cup

7. 男性參加者請使用6樓廁所,女性參加者請使用其他樓層(1、2、3、5、7樓)廁所
Gentlemen please use the restrooms on 6th floor; Ladies please use the restrooms on the other floors (1, 2, 3, 5, 7 floor)

11/30當天使用Mantra Sheet如下(附檔)
The mantra sheet of 11/30 is as below: (attached)

天氣預報為18-23攝氏度,60%下雨,請記得攜帶雨具!很快台北白譚崔瑜珈®見✨ The weather forecast is 18-23 degrees Celsius, 60% raining, please remember to bring the raining gear. See you Soon in Taipei White Tantric Yoga® ✨


Sat Nam💗
Due to the typhoon, some people couldn’t finished the registration on time, and also some teachers from China need more time to apply for the visa, the early bird discount deadline is postponed to 10/15✨


White Tantric Yoga® is finally here in Taiwan!

White Tantric Yoga® Workshop in Asia has been hosted in Thailand for the past. This is the first time to be host in Taiwan.

White Tantric Yoga® is a very special part of the yard system in Kundalini, which requires a group of two people, and the location of all people will form a special energy line. Yogi Bnajan said that White Tantric Yoga® enables you to break through those subconscious blocks, and bring more success to life, we believe that many people had felt the power of White Tantric Yoga®.

On November 25, 2017, the White Tantric Yoga® workshop will be held at the Taipei University of Education. Due to venue restrictions, the seat is limited, please register soon, thank you!