Important Notice

Non Accupass member : Please sign up for Accupass, and log in to buy tickets.
Accupass member: Please log in and buy tickets.

  1. Attend by Accupass e-ticket only. Accupass e-ticket will be automatically sent to your Accupass member sign-up e-mail account once the registration completed and payment submitted.
  2. Please fill personal details correctly, the organization will not assume responsibilities of any problems caused by incorrect personal information.
  3. Timetables:
    6:30-8:00 Check-in and start entry.
    8:00 Warm-up starts.
    8:45 Door close, no more entry.
    9:00 White Tantric yoga starts. (Latec omers cannot enter until the first break period begins.)
  4. Please bring personal E-ticket (either digital/printed ticket) to reception for check in. Cannot enter without E-ticket.
  5. Students please bring your student identity card. People above 65 years old please bring personal identity card, health insurance card or other valid proof for entering permission. People without documentary proof need to make up the difference between regular full-price andlate-bird regular full-price.
  6. According to release form, transferring tickets is not allowed.
  7. Tickets are refundable until November 22, 2019. If you demand refund service please contact Accupass customer service, and service charge will be 10% of ticket value.
  8. Please bring your yoga mat/sheepskin to sit on and bring your water bottle/mug. Keep the environment clean and recycling.
  9. You will receive a wrist ticket for event entry when you check in,and keep it until the workshop comes to the end.
  10. If participant is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must agree he or she to attend WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® and must agree to the terms and conditions of the WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® release form and sign in his/her behalf.



Release Form

WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® Registration/Release

City: ​Taipei, Taiwan​ Date: ​11/30/2019

The person signing this Release (the “Participant”) hereby releases and covenants not to sue Humanology and Health Science, Inc., a California corporation; Taiwan White Tantric Yoga® organizer; and their employers, employees, representatives, agents and affiliated and/or subordinate organizations (the “Released Parties”) from any liability for any and all claims, obligations, damages, losses, injuries, and/or causes of action arising as a result of participating in the WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® seminar. In addition, the Participant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the Released Parties harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, brought as a result of the Participant’s involvement in the WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® seminar and to reimburse them for any such expenses incurred.


The oral and written presentations at this seminar are the unique intellectual property of Humanology and Health Science, Inc. and are protected by copyright. No part of such presentations may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical. By registering for and attending the seminar, the Participant expressly agrees not to reproduce, transmit or distribute, or aid in reproducing, transmitting or distributing, any description, account, picture, video, audio recording or other reproduction of this seminar. No still or video cameras or recording devices of any kind may be brought onto the premises without the prior written consent of Humanology and Health Science, Inc. Humanology and Health Science, Inc. reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject from the premises, any person upon refunding of the registration fee.

The Participant further agrees and understands that nobody has made any warranties about the safety and protection of his or her person and possessions during participation by the undersigned in WHITE TANTRIC YOGA®. The Participant agrees that he or she voluntarily takes part in WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® and knowingly assumes all risks, including, without limitation, any injury, associated with taking part in WHITE TANTRIC YOGA®. In the event of any emergency, the Participant authorizes the Released Parties to secure from any licensed hospital, physician and/or medical personnel any treatment deemed necessary for the Participant’s immediate care and agrees that the Participant will be responsible for payment of any and all medical services rendered.

When this form is made available online and signed electronically, the electronic signature of the Participant will be considered the same as an ink signature.

I’ve read and I agree to the terms and conditions of the WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® Release form